Sofonea Shale

(+266) 5885 4920
Relebohile Senyane
National Animator

Responsible for programme reporting
Mamohlomi Phatsoane
Admin Secretary

(+266) 5891 4299

Mabataung Secker
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5807 8169 / 5308 2495

Peace education and community development, facilitate CBOs legal registration and work directly with human rights defenders groups to address human rights violations informed with relevant laws and policies in place.


Melida Makuape Kuape
Peace Education Researcher

Women and children’s rights by promoting and facilitating public participation in Law and Policy Making to Strengthen DPE advocacy and lobby strategy
Lemohang Molibeli
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5308 2496

Democracy, Human Rights and Political Education

I am leading a program on Democracy looking into governance , Human Rights issues helping the community to defend their rights and political education focusing on the electoral education focusing in two areas(Seforong and Lebakeng) where DPE is working in 8 areas.
Mosala Mokutlulu
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5803 9719

Facilitating empowerment of community based organisations and their participation engagement in National budgetary and legislative processes
Ts’epo Marasi
DPE Webmaster

(+266) 5888 4418 / 6897 9191

I am an online publisher for an organisation and also responsible for website maintenance

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